Oasis @ The Tivoli, Buckley

(by Adam Walton for Frug! fanzine)

Manc band, Manc weather… “have you ever felt the pain in the pouring rain?”… well, Noel, have you ever finished reading Berk’s Teach Yourself How To Write Deep And Meaningful Poetry Vol. 1’? I think not! The Oasis rock ’n’ roll circus rolls into town and just makes me realise how bloody cynical I’m getting. ‘Britain’s Best New Band’ look like every other 60’s-influenced pile of toss that’s been foisted upon us since the death of The Beatles; sound like a nasal Northern Jagger fronting The Happy Roses; trash hotel rooms; take shitloads of drugs; have impeccably working class roots and egos the size of pregnant elephants.More