Fudged, Novello, Nutonic @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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(review by neil crud)
The Breeding Ground website message board has been a-buzz with accusations, counter-accusations & general slanging after the previous live encounter. Hooper are scagheads & Pocket Venus are crap tradesmen. For the internet lurker its been an entertaining read & great publicity for the bands. (The bruises on Paul’s arms are inflicted through his surfing hobby rather than needles & I’ve seen Chris & Naldo’s work first hand; believe me, they’re not tradesmen! Sorry to shatter any illusions there).

Pocket Venus, Nutonic, Carbon Atom @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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PV TBGThe void had been a long & dark one & the break had been a welcome one. With a show every 2 weeks the Breeding Ground supply was out stripping the demand & the head count was falling. Now billed as ‘specials’ the novelty of a big event in town attracts enough people east to this venue.

Gwacamoli, Alien Matter, Nutonic @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)