Festival No.6 @ Portmeirion

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(Bubbles and bands at Festival No.6 – review n pix by Denise Baker-McClearn)

Much as I love a good moan, I hate to begin in this way because overall, we had a lovely weekend at Festival No.6, but everything about working for them is awkward. They are THE most difficult festival I have ever worked at, so that kind of puts a bit of a damper on what could be a way better event.

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion 2013 (Sunday)

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It’s noon, it’s Sunday, we’ve battened down the hatches. Aaron and Kate are our neighbours from Brixton. Kate’s tent has been decimated by the weather, the fly sheet is flapping like a green flag in the gale force wind. Aaron and myself run repairs while she sleeps inside, oblivious to the carnage going on outside. We retreat to our own tents to weather the storm… And this is a storm… The Estuary Stage has already been closed today – the elements are pounding it straight off the sea… Unoccupied tents have been blown and are pinned up against the campsite perimeter fence. Armageddon is upon us, I knew I should have prayed at Sunday School… Now we sit in our canvas tombs and wait for the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse to take us all…

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Saturday 2013)

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They could’ve ploughed the campsite with a hundred tanks and I’d have slept through it. Having not allowed the evils of alcohol pass my lips since Rebellion Festival, I wiped out my tray of cider on the Friday night. So full refusal to pay the asking prices of beer on site, where the staff wear their ‘Happy To Rip You Off’ badges meant my mind was going to be clear for the remaining duration of this fine festival; well, once this Holy Mother of a Hangover moves on to the next victim.
Incidentally, Festival No.6 have yet to retweet or share one of my reviews… funny that…

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Friday)

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It’s Sunday – Day 3 of mud, canvas and great music… The wind lashed and the rain blew… Proverbial cats and dogs thumped into the tents… Each tent being a mini-republic, a territory, and the borders were getting invaded by Mother Nature.
There’s nothing motherly about nature… She’s a bitch when she wants to be, and this morning was one of those days…
Living up here in North Wales, where the mountains meet the sea you get used to being weather worn, to being kicked around and spat at by Mother Nature… To the Fairweather Revellers who had travelled from beneath that Gap in Watford, well… this was an outrage, and a fair few of the weather fairies abandoned their flooded republics and headed back to calmer climes on Sunday morning.

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Sunday)

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(review n pix – neil crud)

It was inevitable that a festival in the UK in 2012 was not going to escape the weather. We had been blessed by the God of Fair Weather on Friday and Saturday, so it was probably odds on the God of Misery would slap his oar in the water and make us sing, ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me,’ well, we didn’t sing that at all really, but you catch my drift?
And if it had to rain, better to have done so today rather that on the first. If you read my Friday review, you’ll have picked up on the ‘Being Prepared’ message – you have to be prepared for adverse weather, and we were – waterproof clothing and footwear and plenty of beer :).