Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Saturday 2013)

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They could’ve ploughed the campsite with a hundred tanks and I’d have slept through it. Having not allowed the evils of alcohol pass my lips since Rebellion Festival, I wiped out my tray of cider on the Friday night. So full refusal to pay the asking prices of beer on site, where the staff wear their ‘Happy To Rip You Off’ badges meant my mind was going to be clear for the remaining duration of this fine festival; well, once this Holy Mother of a Hangover moves on to the next victim.
Incidentally, Festival No.6 have yet to retweet or share one of my reviews… funny that…

Damo Suzuki, Ectogram, Y Niwl play CeLL, Blaenau Ffestiniog

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Ectogram finished off 2010 with a great gig as backing band / sound carriers for legendary ex-Can vocalist Damo Suzuki. The gig took place in CeLL – a converted police station / courthouse in the old quarry town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, deep in the icy wastes of north Wales. Alan Holmes of Ectogram said, ‘It was great to catch up with Damo again, having briefly played with him back in May 2004 and as ever with Damo gigs, the set was completely improvised, comprising a single 74 minute piece.’

Festival No.6 – Portmeirion (Sunday)

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(review n pix – neil crud)

It was inevitable that a festival in the UK in 2012 was not going to escape the weather. We had been blessed by the God of Fair Weather on Friday and Saturday, so it was probably odds on the God of Misery would slap his oar in the water and make us sing, ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me,’ well, we didn’t sing that at all really, but you catch my drift?
And if it had to rain, better to have done so today rather that on the first. If you read my Friday review, you’ll have picked up on the ‘Being Prepared’ message – you have to be prepared for adverse weather, and we were – waterproof clothing and footwear and plenty of beer :).

Y Niwl @ Denbigh Midsummer Festival

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Well, not exactly a festival… More like an afternoon in the Hope & Anchor’s Beer Garden with a couple of bands for entertainment. But hey! Have beer pumps and marquees – will travel!
Also the term ‘Midsummer’ should be debated… What’s summer? Isn’t it those three days of warmth we get around mid-april?

Denbigh mid-summer festival

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Y Niwl, Baba Yaga and Goat Roper Rodeo Band play this free festival at the Hope & Anchor in Denbigh