FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory (Saturday)

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Bearded drums 17
It’s a showery Saturday and the wind has picked up. Back in 2009 this festival made the international headlines when a hurricane ripped through the site, taking tents, stalls and the main stage with it. With that sore point in mind and as a precaution, the backdrop canvas hiding all the behind the scenes work back stage was taken down to allow the wind to blow through. As we seem to have April showers in May these days, the weather was kind enough to allow The Bonsall Red Barrows to do their entertaining routine. Also at noon each day we were wholly mesmerised by Drum Machine – the Mad Mad style drumming troupe who never failed to impress.

New Model Army, Mad Dog Mcrea @ Tivoli, Buckley, 9/11/16

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First of a sequence of band bucket list kicking (not that I am planning on dying soon unless accidentally moshed to death) I take the opportunity to assess the status of long standing “legends” against my own elitist standards.  Not that I had any overriding urge, with so much fresh music filling my ears, but when they come as close as the Tiv and a lift is provided it makes it a whole lot easier to indulge. 

Bearded Theory Festival @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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Eight years in and this was my first Bearded Theory festival, and what a great little event it is… So good, I’m at pains to tell you about it… Wanna keep it as our little secret… Not too big like some overblown corporate driven shite. Still humble enough to cater for you and not their pockets.

GIG REVIEW – Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens, Blackpool (Thursday)

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Wow, writing this five days on from Thursday and it seems like a lifetime ago. I now truly understand the meaning of the word Shellshocked… The dictionary will explain that it is a loss of the senses from psychological strain during prolonged engagement in warfare. It should also have a second definition: loss of the senses from psychological strain during prolonged engagement in Rebellion Festival.