Campaign for Musical Destruction @ Stylus Leeds

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This is a campaign that’s been running since at least the late 80’s/early 90’s, I’d seen an early edition
involving Obituary and Dismember, (possibly the first time the crossed out musical stave symbol was seen?), there’s been versions in the States, but there’s always a common factor – Napalm Death.
I think now moving comfortably into the lead in the band seen most over the years, this three decade plus standard-bearer of extremity occasionally gathers some other choice brutality together for a touring line-up and we return to the front and over the top once more.

Obscene Extreme Festival 2018 @ Battlefield, Trutnov, Czechia

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18th to 21st July

GIG REVIEW – Desertfest 2018 @ London, 4-6/5/18

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Various venues, Camden, London


A passing of the baton of one month of birthday celebrations for my wonderful partner via a ticket present to this to take over my own extended party season! Work commitments meant couldn’t get down for the start of this strangely sunny bank holiday weekend extravaganza of eclectic metal and rock from the doom/stoner/groovy experimental end of the sonic spectrum, but instead of a rush down in crazy traffic we got a leisurely train from Crewe enabling a rapid catch up of refreshments. 

Deathcrusher Tour – Carcass, Obituary, Napalm Death, Voivod, Herod @ The Ritz, Manchester

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What do you expect with that name but an evening’s earbashing of the highest quality?  There was more than a knowing nod to the legendary Grindcrusher tour of 1989, arguably when a wave of death metal extremity was reaching its peak and being of a venerable age I was there to see/semi-survive as well.  Only half the line-up was the same but there was a great deal of excited anticipation at a proper metal party and a gathering of lots of friends, old schoolers, no wiser!

Bloodstock 2015 @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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If I thought my arrangements for last year’s visit to this, the peak of independent UK metal festivals, were a bit last minute and random, I upped my game in the chaos stakes this year. From not going at all, to having my other clashing commitments taken off my hands, to considering a day ticket on the Saturday, to running some stuck friends down on the Thursday and being gutted to come back from the gathering atmosphere of excited anticipation, to hearing on Friday that there were nefarious ways and means to get me in, to getting a bit carried away with solidarity drinking at home on the Friday meaning I was late to set off first thing the Saturday, to… Bloodstock.