New EP / Video – MOWBIRD – Greetings All

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Wrexham’s Mowbird have released this great video ahead on their brand new EP ‘Greetings All’, which is out on 7″ vinyl and download via their Bandcamp page from Monday 17th October.
It’s the first new material from the band since their superb 2014 album ‘Islander.’

Mowbird @ Telfords Warehouse, Chester

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Mowbird Telfords
are an oddment, and long may they be so. Their native Wrexham may only be twelve miles away, but they may as well come from another planet so far as their songs are concerned. And, similar to Maines last night, they are quite simply – interesting.
On my second date with Steve Sync in as many days, we battled through rugby fans, saag aloo with pilau rice and apocalyptic weather to get to Chester tonight. It was early, and I was the designated driver and it dawned on me that I’ve not actually seen Mowbird sober (that’s me, not the band). Our early arrival gave us the opportunity to disturb Adam Walton’s rhythm as he played his crackling vinyl here at Telfords Warehouse. We discussed the lack of bands that are cunts in this day and age; in the sense that everyone is nice to each other (too nice), for fear of being shot down in the flames of social media. Come back Der Bomber!

NEW ALBUM – Mowbird – One Off’s

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Wrexham’s Mowbird have released a limited edition cassette / download singles, demos & stand-alones compilation celebrating five years of the band.

Includes four previously unreleased tracks, covers of Sex Hands, Furrow & Times New Viking and the earliest Mowbird recording.

Get it here – the cassette version is selling fast.

Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Thursday)

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Where were you when Russell Brand invented fire? Cometh the second day, Cometh the half hour (sets by each band).
It had been a long day, early morning barefoot paddling in Red Wharf Bay, followed by some fraternising with cows in Amlwch. My head was like a shining advertisement for After-Sun Lotion…

Focus Wales, Wrexham (Friday)

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Now it’s getting serious… It’s gonna get messy, I’ve got a one way ticket ’til Sunday and my drinking buddy with me… This is where I rely less on my notebook and more on my wits… Let the party begin…
There’s one thing missing from a ‘town festival’ and that’s mud… So, to live that real festival experience why not book onto a sodden camp-site and put your tent up in the pissin’ rain?

This is how we rock… This is how we roll…