Mike Peters plays Rhyl Town Hall

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THE GATHERING 10 @ Llandudno Conference Centre

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Having surfed over the crowd a couple of times (hey! it’s tradition) & exchanged a few choice words with the security, I decided to take a step back from the sweating pit & look at what exactly was on the stage. We are talking legends here, legends of their day with enough stature to have their faces carved out of the side of a mountain.

Mike Peters, Fluff, She Said @ The Bistro, Rhyl

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We all did it 16 years ago, we all laughed at Top Of The Pops as The Alarm mimed their Top 10 hit 68 Guns, the Clash clones of Rhyl had hit the big time & everyone ridiculed them for it.  It was our way of covering our envious jealousy.  The Alarm did it right, they hit it big in America; the bigger market.  But this is where it all started, at The Bistro in Rhyl where you pulled dodgy birds/blokes, while Mike Peters working behind the bar pulled even dodgier pints. Although he doesn’t play that Top 10 hit any longer he made the exception tonight, claiming that he wrote the song while working behind the bar.  Every hair on my head stood on end as the shiver made its way from my brow to the base of my spine as I stood in awe of the nostalgia being presented to me with 2.5KW of power.

Mike Peters gets Back Into The System

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New single from ex-Alarm frontman on Crai Records (CRAI 040)