The Damned, Metallic, Homespun @ Llandudno Conference Centre

Tattoo removal by laser treatment is very painful & very expensive. I’m halfway through a 12 month course & ironically one of the tattoos to be removed is a love heart with The Damned beautifully designed by the side of it. I was 18 at the time & in love with the band; a love affair that hasn’t waned. So in the run up to this gig I’ve been like a little boy who’s just found the keys to the local sweet shop. I’ve grown up with The Damned, ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ is rated in my Top 5 Albums of all time, & since that 14 year old spikey punk kid witnessed them at the Pier in Colwyn Bay in 1981, I’ve been a changed man ever since, or was it after being buggered by the support band The Anti-Nowhere League?.