Dirty Weekend @ Hendre Hall, Tal-y-Bont, Bangor

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 (review n pix by neil crud)

I’ve got cuts and bruises, my body’s aching, I never want to see alcohol again, my ears are ringing and my liver has packed up and gone to live in a distillery, What a great weekend..!

In previous years Dave Cox has flitted between the Dudley Arms and The Morville in Rhyl for the Dirty Weekend Festival, and where they have been decent venues, they haven’t been festival sites. Enter Hendre Hall, the perfect setting; no neighbours, a great live room, superb chill out courtyard and camping facilities. Enlisting the knowledge and organisational expertise of Dave Hollerhead, the two Dave’s (or Cox and Holly Ltd if you like) stuck their necks out to make this a professional and wholly enjoyable experience, and they booked the glorious weather to go with it.

The Dirty Weekend Festival – Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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(review n pix by Neil Crud)

Yikes! £15 each! To get in…! The moths in my wallet needed mouth to mouth, but as Steve Sync said, ‘It’s for a worthy cause.’

And that’s coming from someone tighter than a euphemism I’ve not made up yet! Sync had texted me to get my sorry arse down to the Dudley as Three Minute Warning were setting up. I unfortunately didn’t get there in time and by all accounts the place was bouncing during their rip roaring set.

Goldblade, Mere Dead Men, 0898, Alien Matter – Iron Door, Birkenhead

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Did you go to this gig? Any memories? Please Share…!

Dead Pets, Mere Dead Men, Stuntface @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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they have more fun
‘You’re putting us on after these!?’ One of the Mere Dead Men exclaimed to the promoter during a frivolous, hard hitting & well received set by Stuntface. You can see their point & it is respect for a band to accept that fact. I’m becoming a bit of a Stuntface junkie, or they’re stalking me, as it seems every gig I turn up at, they’re playing, I was thinking of changing the name of this site to link2stuntface!

UK Subs, Vaffan Coulo, Mere Dead Men @ Glaslyn, Porthmadog

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UK SUBSCutting from Seren, Bangor Uni student magazine, courtesy of Joe Shooman, who says, ‘Seren loved the gig – Brita I think was one of the punks that were part of things in Bangor at the time.’