FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory 2018 (Friday)

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Friday morning at Bearded Theory (or any festival) is always a little tentative… If you are one of those who queued to get in on Thursday, then, once in, you would have undoubtedly gone OTT on the alcohol intake because… Thursday night is party night…
For that very reason, Thursday is a bit sketchy… Skanked to a Don Letts DJ set in the Woodland, which was pretty funky, lots of classic songs dubbed up. Then endured Reverend And The Makers fronted by Keith Lemon on the Pallet Stage, but that’s about it…

GIG REVIEW – Membranes, Brix Smith, Evil Blizzard, Nightingales @ The Ritz, Manchester

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Membranes Ritz
It was a bold, yet confident move to put your band on at a place the size of The Ritz and it paid off, such is the draw of this line-up.
Today was more of an event than a gig, particularly The Membranes set, which we’ll come to later.

Membranes / Evil Blizzard / Faerground Accidents

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I brought along two virgins to be sacrificed before Brother John – their photons of pure white light will be added to the good and the bad of the universe.
‘What’s their music like?’ They both enquired…
‘Errr….’ was my reply…
Tonight was the album launch for the new Membranes LP ‘Dark Matter / Dark Energy’ – call it a come-back album if you like, it’s out now on Cherry Red Records.

Album Review – MEMBRANES – Dark Matter / Dark Energy

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As a kid, I always found more than one Membranes song in a row hard to consume; they gave me indigestion… All that triple-bad acid punk-jazz and incidental noises thrown together and then called songs. I wanted three chords; they played strange sounds in-between chords… Fast forward 25 years and I actually now love that kind of rubbish!
Dark Matter / Dark Energy is however very far from rubbish and Membranes have time hopped into 2015, dragging their Eighties clutter with them and thrown it into the Hadron Collider and produced this TRULY EXCELLENT ALBUM.

Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Thursday)

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Where were you when Russell Brand invented fire? Cometh the second day, Cometh the half hour (sets by each band).
It had been a long day, early morning barefoot paddling in Red Wharf Bay, followed by some fraternising with cows in Amlwch. My head was like a shining advertisement for After-Sun Lotion…