GIG REVIEW – Lullaby For A Unicorn, Mank, Mudshark Incident @ Skerries, Bangor

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A choice of at least three shows to tickle your fancy tonight in North Wales, and I’ve been conscious of travelling to Liverpool to get my gig kicks of late. However, it was Bangor that piqued my interest on account of two bands I had not seen before and one I can watch endlessly…

New Album – MANK – Solipsism

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Bangor’s Mank resurfaces from his Arctic travels to bring us (possibly) his fourteenth release (go on, count ’em!). ‘Solipsism’ creates yet another landscape dusted in ambience designed to gently send you far far away from the humdrum of normality. Opening track Hiraeth will actually give you hiraeth for more…! And the entire album has more of tribalistic feel to it compared to previous releases, particularly Bwyd Ellyllon. Cool stuff all round.
Available in a limited CD run and download from here

New Album – MANK – Llyn Y Cwn III:KA

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Bangor’s Arctic explorer Mank is back with a new album under the name of ‘Llyn Y Cwn III:KA’. I was stunned to realise that when I shoved his very first offering ‘Ecaz Nous’ in the CD tray back in 2001, I was in my living room.
Fourteen years on and fourteen releases later I have probably played those corresponding albums in as many different living rooms (don’t bother with the property ladder kids – there’s too many snakes!).

ALBUM REVIEW – Mank – Gutta-Percha

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First thing that hit me about this 14th Mank album is the beautiful sub-bass sound that has sometimes lacked from previous outings. Cyanosis starts proceedings and is pretty upbeat by Mank standards, almost a dance track, but we’re back to more familiar territory with Heliopolis, which takes you to a Canadian icebreaker on the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska which, by coincidence is where it was written, as Ben Mank explains, ‘For my day job I work on ships making oceanographic measurements and as such, I spend a lot of time bobbing around at sea near the North Pole.  Making music lets me an escape to my own world away from the ship but I hope that the beauty of my location comes through in my music, there are a lot of field recordings embedded in the mix.’

Film in Bangor

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Bangor University, Main Arts Theatre
Featuring 4080peru & Mank