Manics in Manc

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at Manchester Apollo… Third time I’ve seen the Manics, and the best… probably a blistering blast of Masses Against The Classes tipping it for me…

Manics play Blackburn

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Had a beer with them backstage prior to the gig and a duet of The Exploited’s Sex & Violence (as you do!) – more pics here

Manic Street Preachers @ Cardiff International Arena

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(reviewed by Marcus Warner)


The Manics are quite similar to Tony’s cronies, when the Labour party put the word ‘new’ in front of it, they managed to come across as something new, something that would change things. Five years on and people are quickly beginning to fathom that ‘new’ labour is no different to any other of the windbags that rule our country. 

Manic Street Preachers – This is My Truth

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Let’s face it, the Manics are the most important band of the decade, but I’m the 5th member of the CrudCrew to attempt a review at this Welsh offering, the previous 4 having all committed suicide; one of whom doused himself in petrol at midnight, ignited himself & jumped off the cliff on the Great Orme in Llandudno singing Everything Must Go.
Yes it is a very morose album, not much to lift the spirits here, nothing like A Design For Life to get you in the mood to party. Still, as Kilroy would say, there’s a time & a place for everything. Baz from the Bay said he played it 3 times, left it, tried it again & now loves it; I’ve yet to do that you see. Fairziff, on his initial listening said it starts off good then goes a little flat. And he’s right, because the Manics, like so many bands nowadays will put the strongest tracks at the start of an album because, let’s face it, if you start with your weakest & try to end with your strongest, the listener would’ve taken the CD back to Virgin & traded it in for a Doom upgrade or something else. Mansun did the same with their Attack Of The Grey Lantern album; the 1st 6 songs are classics, but I’ve only played the latter half 3 or 4 times because they’re not as good; & as for their new album well, Fatman Slim took his copy back & swapped it for Kool & The Gang; it’s that bad…”I feel like being a girl…” F*ck off you bunch of tossers.
Where were we? Oh yes, the Manics CD, it will grow on me I know, like The Holy Bible did. I’ll let you know in time.
File under Leonard Cohen (for now).

Manic Street Preachers, Mogwai @ Northgate Arena, Chester

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Chester1On a tight schedule, had to be at Keith’s by 7pm. Got home, walked if not ran the arse off Devo [my whippet] on the beach, got a McRip-off burger special treatsies tea, dropped dog off at home, tonned it to Bwlchgwyn! Hadn’t accounted for the fact that every man and his Devo drives a tractor out in the leafy suburbs of leafy, picturesque Wrexham. Make it about 10 minutes late.