CD MANDRAGORA Pollen on Delerium Records

mandra01There are some CDs which you’ll play, think; ‘That’s OK’ & maybe play it again a few weeks later. There are some CDs which you’ll flick through in the record shop & never know what they sound like & never have the guts to fork out the cash for it. So it goes unbought & unheard.

I had seen the name Mandragora bandied about for a few years; for some reason I expected a psychedelic band & pencilled them in for a listen some time in the hazy future. Oh how some assumptions can be so wrong…if you go back to my first sentence you should add a footnote that there are also some albums which you’ll play & they make you avaricious towards the content. You want more and more; the length of the CD is not enough and you go cold turkey as soon as the last track has elapsed, sending you into a state of despair; life without Mandragora, I can’t stand it, I’ve got to have more, got to press the play button again, got to reach it quickly…ahh!….the opening call to morning prayer greets my desperate ears & my heart rate returns to normal as the first track, Abuzeluf eases up my veins towards my anxious brain, filling it with the Turkish delight borne from Loop Guru. But they don’t stop there, I hate pigeon-holing bands; too many feathers & not enough synonyms. I suppose the Celtic feel of You Slosh comes into it on the periphery, but Mandragora have their roots firmly embedded in the Ambient / Dance spheres of musical wonderment, even though that categorization does not do this superb outfit any justice.

You must buy this CD. Like cocaine – it’s very more-ish