Lunatic Magnets – Terminally Cool

It’s not often something reaches out & not only grabs your love spuds but also kneads your buttocks in the process. Always the advocate of all things North Wales, I have written time & again that the area is at saturation point when it comes to musical talent, many of these bands would be very successful given the right backing. Prestatyn’s Lunatic Magnet(s) are no exception & they are also exceptional. For a 1st release they stuck to their guns & steered clear of a radio friendly, people friendly, I wonder if mum’n’dad’ll like this friendly recording that most young bands opt for. These guys have thought ‘bollocks to that’ & give us 4 tracks that sound like the aborted faeces of Trent Reznor after he’d been buggered dry by the 70 Gwen Party, the title track takes the mantel here though Wrong Side of Maybe, Chemical Beats The Weapon (& its remix) do a good job at holding it there. There are no rules followed on these songs & I suggest LM keep live performances to a minimum to maintain a mystique – do gigs in record shop, head shops or sex shops, keep it off the beaten track – play behind a black curtain or a smoke screen – do a gig of just one 15 min song & leave straight after. The Lunatic Magnets, like Bangor’s Skinflick are the moles that come out at night & dig up the gardens of the local underground scene. Can’t wait to hear more as this is Terminally Cool.