New Single / Video – LOVERS OPEN FIRE – Circa

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Wrexham’s wonderful Lovers Open Fire release an ace new single with an ace new video, availabale on Bandcamp on Monday April 18th…



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1. If you consult my fucking amazing website link2wales, you’ll find there is only scant information on Lovers Open Fire. So please can you enlighten me and the readers as to who you are and why you are.

First of all let me say that this interview is the scribbled result of the four of us sitting around reading the questions and having a cackle. We’re a carbon based, multi-cellular rock and roll junket located somewhere in the anogenital distance between Shropshire and Cheshire. Why? Well otherwise we might just die of FACTS! We’re not just here to paint the shed, are we?

Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Thursday)

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Where were you when Russell Brand invented fire? Cometh the second day, Cometh the half hour (sets by each band).
It had been a long day, early morning barefoot paddling in Red Wharf Bay, followed by some fraternising with cows in Amlwch. My head was like a shining advertisement for After-Sun Lotion…

Lovers Open Fire @ Oxjam, The Compass, Chester

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I dunno whether their name is about lovers shooting people or a couple’s roaring log fire, but what I do know is that this is a very full on entertaining band…
Now I may be accused of seeing their world through Hobgoblin tinted glasses, having sampled Chester’s finest establishments throughout the day in anticipation of a night of ace music courtesy of this Oxjam Two Day Event across the city.


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Wrexham’s Lovers Open Fire on Glyndwr TV …