Dirty Weekend @ Hendre Hall, Tal-y-Bont, Bangor

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 (review n pix by neil crud)

I’ve got cuts and bruises, my body’s aching, I never want to see alcohol again, my ears are ringing and my liver has packed up and gone to live in a distillery, What a great weekend..!

In previous years Dave Cox has flitted between the Dudley Arms and The Morville in Rhyl for the Dirty Weekend Festival, and where they have been decent venues, they haven’t been festival sites. Enter Hendre Hall, the perfect setting; no neighbours, a great live room, superb chill out courtyard and camping facilities. Enlisting the knowledge and organisational expertise of Dave Hollerhead, the two Dave’s (or Cox and Holly Ltd if you like) stuck their necks out to make this a professional and wholly enjoyable experience, and they booked the glorious weather to go with it.

Archive – Global Parasite, Tinman, Local Madman @ The Imperial, Colwyn Bay

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(review by mwj)
GP7I’m getting into the swing of heading over to these events in the Bay; they kind of have replaced the old West Shore/Old Hall events of olde. Maintaining my ethics I have replaced my pissed up bike journeys with similar ones by train, though the time of the last one back doesn’t allow seeing things through to the end unfortunately. Still, the entertainment is quality not quantity, and the Imp’s spirit measures and prices (quantity over quality) are a dangerous bonus!