Pesda Roc, Bethesda

Datblygu pesda
This may well have been the first Pesda Roc Festival, and possibly Datblygu‘s debut performance (pic above and below).
It also hosted, Y Cyrff, Machlud, Mwg, Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Tanjimei, Pryd Ma Te?, Brodyr y Ffin, Tynal Tywyll, Maraca, Ficer, Eryr Wen, Chwarter i Un, Dinas Naw.
(taken off Datblygu website)
david datblygu“A photo in the booklet for Wyau/Pyst/Libertino, the essential collection of Datblygu albums, shows a temporary stage housed on a huge truck, somewhere in Wales, covered by a tarpaulin and occupied by Datblygu themselves. You have to look twice to notice anyone apart from vocalist David R Edwards, who’s standing on the lip and barking at six children sitting on the grass wearing anoraks. It’s an image so dreary and purgatorial, you imagine that despite being a black and white picture, it was taken using colour film. Intentionally or otherwise, it conveys the notion of a prophet unrecognised in his own land, which is at least a half-truth…”