Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way

Yeah, good old Lenny is God, he may preach the word of the good lord, but he’s only fooling you, for he is the Lord. Full of forgiveness, I’ll even forgive him for writing a song that starts with the words; ‘Sister sister’- making it sound like that pathetic song that finished Bros off for good. Writing about your siblings, children or parents simply isn’t rock’n’roll; it’s shite, it belongs to the crap outfits who’ve run out of ideas like the Spice Girls with Mama & Sinead O’Connor who wrote some rubbish about her daughter. OK, so I’m not pointing the finger at a person’s love for their close relative, but to write a crap song about it is not a dedication, it’s a goddam insult. I know I’m missing the point; this LP – it’s been lying aound my collection for a good few years & I’ve only just given it a twirl. It’s typical Lenny stuff, filled with oohs & aahhs, perhaps not as good as the previous 2 offerings, but then again God can’t get it right everytime can he?