Out of The Ashes Festival (Friday) @ Ellesmere Port

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Once again, I sold my soul to rock’n’roll…
It was supposed to be a double festival weekend… I was all set to do Wakestock on Friday and Out of The Ashes from Saturday afternoon onwards, but the God of Logistics set me down on the wrong side of the world on Friday afternoon and there was simply no way I was travelling the length of the westbound A55 on a glorious weekend (anyone who’s tried it will know exactly what I mean).
So with Out Of The Ashes Festival in Ellesmere Port already in full swing and being a mere hop, skip and a jump from where I was, it would be rude not to participate.

STILLETOES, ZEBEDY @ The Grapevine, Rhyl

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(review n live pix by neil crud)

Rhyl may have recently experienced a mass desertion on the punter front, but it didn’t show tonight, with The Stilletoes stamping back into town, they manage to send a seductive punk pulse around these sullen streets by thrashing their instruments to death. Here is a young band that are going to be there and do that before any others in the area are going to have been there and done it. They mean business in this mean business, but by fuck are they gonna have fun on the way.

Valleum, Lantern, Global Parasite, Deadlight Spiral @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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(review by matt misfit)

A lazy review and attempt due to lack of memory and what not but hey. Penrhyn Old hall is generally full of kids with minds that seem to close towards bands other than Lantern playing, and it was still apprent that the mast majority of people in the venue would stay away from the stage area (which is seperate to the bar etc for those who dont frequent pen old hall) and focus on the social part of the night, their loss because they missed some awesome bands this night.

Lantern, Upstarts, Anti Virus, Zebedy, Harrow Down, DLO @ Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay

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(by mwj)

With the cancellation of my train friendly option of The Imperial I elected for a sober drive to the old hall for the first time in years, since my old pissed biking expeditions to the punk nights they’d put on here. I’m am out of sensible biking range (and lacking match fitness) at the moment but this was my first chance to check out these regular rock nights that the guys from Lantern have set up and organised.

Valleum, Zebedy @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)