Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 32 – with Heldinky & Kyle Lee in Session

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Heldinky released their debut album, ‘Miles To Go Before I Go To Sleep’ at the end of 2014 on Turquoise Coal Records. Based in Bangor they are revered for their atmospheric performances and are currently recording their second album. Helena and Mike represented two-thirds of the band tonight for an acoustic session.
Kyle Lee first appeared on the Rhyl scene in 2003 in Jives Room and then later (and currently) in Gintis. He is also in The Mexican Walking Fish from Liverpool (where he is now based). The planets aligned to allow us to feature Kyle in session tonight as he earlier performed a solo gig in Old Colwyn.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 32
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Doll Circus, Nexxus Empire, Mexican Walking Fish @ Crosville Club, Bangor

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Back to the monthly band night here after last month playing to a couple of handfuls of people, it was pleasing to see the place pretty full this time, despite the wintry evening. Perhaps that was the collective followers of the varied bill or just a good sign that people would make the effort for this regular event.

Focus Wales, Wrexham (Thursday)

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Damo Suzuki

Andy Garside could’ve reviewed this entire night with his comment, ‘Damo Suzuki was mind melting…’ – That would’ve been enough, and those who saw this performance would fully appreciate it… We’ll come to that in due course…
I locked up work at  5.20pm, got in the car and headed towards Wrexham… I got changed and brushed my teeth in some public toilet… This is how we rock… This is how we roll…
Day Two of Focus Wales, personally it was gonna be a short one tonight for fear of shortening my life through exhaustion… The Luvvies had spent the afternoon doing conventions and all good things for bands… Me..? ‘Have ear plugs will watch gig…’

REVIEW – North By North Wales Mini Egg Festival @ Skerries, Bangor

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(review by neil crud / pix by michael yaw dally)

I love these kind of events – a hat full of bands, each playing half an hour, therefore not outstaying their welcome, indoors, friendly atmosphere and most importantly – on my doorstep. An hour before soundcheck I was at home making a stir-fry, whereas usually when doing a gig I’d be stuck behind some arse on a motorway or hanging around waiting for the stage doors to be unlocked or the soundman to turn up. Not here… With Kyle Lee in charge of logistics, everything runs like clockwork.