Neil Crud on Louder Than War Radio 03.01.2022 – with Kieron Dyson in session

First show of 2022 and it kicks off with a superb session from Rhyl’s Kieron Dyson. He takes a grand swipe at the people in power and does it with style.

Stuntface – Life Is Loud
Hellfire Devilles – Cadaver Stomp
Bodach – Heretic Electric
OORYA – Irons
Cockney Rejects – Shitter
Kieron Dyson – Boris (*session)
Social Experiment – Same Shit Different Day
Xibling – Hello Stranger
The Mute Servants – Pointless Breather
Howl In The Typewriter – Blame The Walrus (*session)
Why Bother? – Sub Atomic Runaway
Lolfa Binc – Indeed/Bwnsan
Boycott The Baptist – Egg!
Coolzey – Feeling Flaccid
Kieron Dyson – Better Days (*session)
Jodie Faster – Punk Police
Tits Up – Get Ya On
Bogans – Close To Home
Drunken Marksman – Like a Disease
Plant Duw – Talach Na Iesu
The Cane Toads – Zommy
Botched Toe – Govt Shtick
Killdren – Escape From Plague Island
Regurgitator – Bong In My Eye
Bong Water – Chicken Pussy
Kieron Dyson – The Tax Man (*session)
Dead Kennedys – Hyperactive Child
Hand Made Noise – Under Ice
Intercourse – Crop Circle Jerk
Circle Jerks – Live Fast Die Young
Psychic Graveyard – I Am Blacking Out
Blueprint – Copycat
Kieron Dyson – Here For You (*session)
Manikineter – How Many Licks
Valleum – Roger Waters
Socio La Difekta – Fajro De Kolero
Tower 7 – Green Piece
Poppies – Dau Bys
Tong Po – Hard Times Fall
Mousewitch – Untitled2