Gwyl Gwydir 2014 @ Llanrwst

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(review n pix by Special Agent Amy)
gruff gwydir

A small Welsh festival set in North Wales’ very own Llanwrst, hosting over twenty bands over three different stages, surrounded by the Gwydir Forest and giant trees.
It was a twee setting for Gwyl Gwydir to happen, complete with tipi tents, bunting and artwork.

Focus Wales 2014, Wrexham (Saturday)

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There’s blanks in my life… How did we get to the camp site last night? What time did we leave? What did we do after seeing Islet? What is my mother’s maiden name? When will I, will I be famous?
To help fill in the blanks on this cryptic crossword called post-alcohol life, Tim Griff and myself elected to take an hour’s contemplation with our livers and walk into town for a Greasy Spoon breakfast because – This is how we rock… This is how we roll…

The Keys @ Telford’s Warehouse, Chester

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(review n pix by neil crud)

I could swear your father’s alive when you spit on the floor and screw up your eyes. I read it in a science book that you and me have chemistry. The Keys are a wonderful band, and should be a staple part on your rock ‘n’ roll 5-a-day intake. You need to seek them out and discover them along with other new life and new civilisations, you need to boldly go where no average boring-humans have gone before. Those average boring-humans (ABH) don’t support live music at this level; on the toilet-circuit (no disrespect to Telfords, it’s a synonymous term for describing venues of a certain size), no, ABH’ers get excited about seeing Muse, Coldplay, Razorlight and will happily pay £45 to see them, but can’t afford to see The Keys in Chester.

The Keys vs, Cian Ciaran

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Today sees the release of a remixed new single from The Keys lovingly torn apart and then stitched back together by Cian Ciaran of the Super Furry Animals.

Gwyl Gardd Goll Festival @ Faenol, Bangor

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