Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 78 – with Joe Hovis in Session

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Joe Hovis sprang onto the punk scene as part of The Dudley Arms contingent, both appearing live and watching live bands at the venue during it’s heyday. He did acoustic sets as well as playing with band Bankshot. Later he formed Braxton Hicks and released two EPs and played several gig in the band’s twelve month existence.
He also hosts the sporadic podcast ‘The Punk Rock Gospel.’
Having moved from Old Colwyn to Rochdale, it’s been hard to pin Joe down for a much wanted session, but we finally managed to get four songs recorded in the toilets at The Comrades Club in Conwy last Saturday soon after Joe’s live set there. What a great session.
Download his Demo EP here, and listen to his session and Neil Crud’s entire two hour show below.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 78
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GIG REVIEW – Smash The Bank Holiday Alldayer @ Comrades Club, Conwy

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(good pics by diane durham red evans – shit pics by neil crud)

This is what makes us tick… I say ‘us’ as in real people who go out and watch live music, who support it and the causes involved. Today is an exception, as in, it was exceptional… What a great day!

Eleven bands, eleven great performances and several sore heads. Despite the fact that promoter Mark Watson-Jones was only made aware of the archaic 11pm closing for this Bank Holiday Sunday on the morning – a swift re-jig of stage times and even swifter changeovers ensured everyone got to play.

PUNK ROCK GOSPEL SHOW – #8 on air now

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Colwyn Bay’s Joe Hovis brings you the eighth instalment of The Punk Rock Gospel Show and it’s online now.
It’s half an hour of frenetic fun hosted by the ex Braxton Hicks front man.

Episode 8 – 03.04.15 by Punkrockgospel on Mixcloud

Blog Joe Hovis – My Top Ten Albums of All Time

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Braxton Hicks main-man Joe Hovis talks us through his Top Ten Albums of all time and why…

Music is my life. Music saved my life. I apologise for 2 tedious clichés to kick off this blog, but I honestly don’t know what I would do without music. Since the age of 2 or 3 is when the love affair started. I remember Motown, Madness and The Pogues in particular being blasted in our household, these bands and songs remind me of my childhood. It was when I was 8 years old and a teacher at school handed me a cornet to parp down, it must have sounded absolutely hideous but I fell in love instantly with making noise and as a very shy child pouring my emotions through the instrument was very appealing.
For ten years I couldn’t put it down, I joined the local brass band, the youth jazz bands and orchestras, anything to keep my mind occupied with making music. Without music I wouldn’t have seen the world… for free.
I went to college and decided I wanted to be really good at the cornet and trumpet. I practiced my arse off. People say I’m lucky, that’s not fair because I have worked really hard. I played for 3 world famous brass bands during my studies in Manchester (I’m still with the latest one) and was fortunate enough to go on regular trips to Norway, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Germany and one off tours to America and Australia. I got to play at the Sydney opera house!