Zombina & The Skeletones, Jives Room, Delayed Promise @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(narration and pix by Neil Crud)

‘Why does Steve Rastin look like he’s on a cruise, or an extra on Love Boat?’ Enquired Ste Sync as Rastin passed us in his summer attire. He had reason to feel colourful, he had booked the long awaited arrival of Zombina to our humble no horse town. But first we were warmed up by Delayed Promise from Manchester as Andy Fatman explains:


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(review n pix by neil crud)

I was due to have my ears syringed this morning but last night at Bar Blu saved me the bother. It was so fucking loud that people in neighbouring Prestatyn were complaining about the noise, and that was just the DJ… no kiddin’!

Jives Room, Junebug, Gintis @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(pics by neil crud)


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tight pussy

(review n pix by neil crud)

ARCHIVE GIG – Kentucky AFC, Jives Room, Winebago @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review by neil crud)

Kentucky AFC

Wednesday nights are rocking! – I’d like to hope that this upsurge in attendance is a direct result of the BBC Radio Wales broadcast last month, as there has certainly been a lot more people here since then (& they were well attended before).

Steve Sync; still shivering due to central heating boiler problems, quivered the statement that Jives Room are the best live band in Rhyl at the moment. And he’s probably right; because when they click (& they usually do), everything slots into place & bang, bang, bang – out come the songs. This is a band with 3 guitarists & I had to tell them all to turn up after the opening song! There’s no wall of sound as you’d expect from that many egos competing, there is dynamism & style to the songs & delivery. We’ve watched this band from their nervous beginnings last spring & those old demos (Tight Pussy!), through to recording an Adam Walton Session which, judging by tonights performance was a little too soon, as there’s an added gusto to this band. Basically they’re all getting better at what they do, Smotch’s hard hitting drumming & Alun’s guitaring notably. Taking us through the set with some new songs Jives Room gave us; Radish Tree, Numpty Lover, New Song, Bubbles, M.A.C, Office 61, Savour The Taste, Walltog & Sega/Tizer with a spaced out freakbrained ending.

Bethesda’s Winebago shocked me in that band member Meic later informed me that this was their 2nd gig. I suppose looking back you could tell by the stiff visual performance, where you just wanted a guitarist to bounce across the floor pretending to machine gun down the crowd, or another guitarist to stand on his amp & slam his strings against the ceiling. But with those of us nodding in approval there was, in Sync’s words, a New Order, Coral, Strokes thing going on. The Strokes similarity was painfully obvious on one the songs but the rest of the set was executed excellently & after the Neil Young cover (Safehouse) got better & better. Two guitars with similar sound, that indie crisp – not too distorted setting were played with great separation & by the last 4 songs even the heaviest & most stubborn feet were tapping along to the tunes. Maybe they should ditch the Neil Young song & play Dead Kennedys‘ ‘Winnebago Warrior’ as a fitting replacement! Definitely a band worth checking out when they come to your town, city, village, hamlet or front room. Set list – League, Safehouse, Safebuying, Cinnamon, Automatic, Pan Nos/Dydd, Lucifer, Unarddeg, Wave, Sunday, Ffarout (old Ffa Coffi Bawb cover).

I’ll just briefly touch on Kentucky AFC or you’ll start accusing me of being the link2kafc website, having reviewed them 5 times & seen them 8 times! – the bands really should be on stage and playing by 9pm, its usually one of their own fault for turning up late. So when KAFC go on at 11.05pm on a week night there’s going to be a natural drift where the workers and young ‘uns will have to retire home, leaving the dole wallers (who have little interest in the music) to talk over & ignore the last band on (Rhyl is notorious for the Graveyard Slot – see old Breeding Ground reviews). Sync noted that Kentucky sounded really really good, but Endaf’s frustration took the better off him & he threw his guitar across the dancefloor in disgust at the end (take note Winebago!).