GIG REVIEW – Inferno, Bad Dog, Braxton Hicks, Jed is Dead, I Fight Lions @ Rascals, Bangor

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There were so many bands on this bill that it should’ve been called a mini-festival, and I cast a dubious eye over the start times, changeover times and thought there’s no way this will go to plan!! Initially, and right up to it was obvious Dinosaur Garden were not going to turn up, there were six bands lined up to play. With Dinosaur Garden providing the kit, but nowhere to be seen (no message, no call), a new kit had to be found for the night. Thankfully Inferno had brought their own anyway and were kind enough to share it with all and sundry, because that’s what bands do isn’t it? Help each other out (someone mention that to Dressed Naked‘s drummer next time you see him).
Anyway, one thing was for sure… This was gonna run late…

Jed is Dead & Braxton Hicks at Flookersbrook, Chester

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(review by neil crud and philip milton)
(pics by Milton Photography email –

(neil crud) – Last year, on a brain cell killing trip around the pubs of this fair city, we stopped off, as we usually did at The Chester Belles to sample the delightful jukebox and gawp with envy at the superb array of guitars chained to the walls. Much to our dismay, the place was being painted a souless white and Lee the landlord (a purveyour of fine music) was gone.
So it was much to our delight to chance upon Flookersbrook and learn that Lee has taken his guitar collection and created a ‘proper’ venue, with a proper stage, lights and a rig and love of live music. Being a purveyour of fine music I’m not sure what Lee thought of us! Ha ha! So hats off to him and Core Promotions lynchpin Dan Read, and long may it continue.