NEW RELEASE – James PM Phillips – Cig Dyn

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Bangor’s bearded wizard James PM Phillips is back recording and offers up a teaser from his forthcoming album ‘Spite, Bile & Beauty’ in the form of Cig Dyn. Two minutes and forty eight seconds of no wave garage driven repetition denial. ‘Dim on dyn y fy’ (I’m not a man, I’m not meat) he groans while strange mutterings ramble in the background…
Released on the Turquoise Coal label of Menai Bridge and available on Bandcamp… Be sure to check out the label as Alan Holmes as started uploading past releases onto Bandcamp.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 58 – with James PM Phillips in Session

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James PM Phillips of Bangor has just released a new EP ‘The Mudshark Incident’ – a live collaboration with Duncan Black. It was great to have him back on my TudnoFM radio show to play live in session (ably assisted by Simon Erridge). Despite most of his songs being about death, there is a definite warmth about both the man and his songwriting.
Bandcamp page.
Listen again to the entire show.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 58
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James PM Phillips @ The North, Rhyl

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James Philips
The world of Acoustic Performance is all new to me, and has only really piqued an interest since seeing James Phillips perform his set once or twice in his Bangor adopted-homeland…

InSession – James PM Phillips

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Bangor’s bearded wizard James Phillips plays songs off his new album ‘Sheep On The Downs’ live in session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show.

Full show playlist below…

Album Review – JAMES PHILLIPS – Sheep On The Downs

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(review by combichris markwell)

The North Wales music scene, although many wouldn’t realise it, is a vibrant place, brimming with bands and artists that really are making amazing things happen.  The outside world may not notice so much, which is a sad thing, but that can change.  Recently, I was handed an album which I was asked by the artist himself to review.  Not one to shy away from such a proposition, I said ‘yes’, and I am glad to have said that.