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Colwyn Bay band (formed late05), feat; Matt Warrilow (ex Deus Ex Incendia), Damir Bojanic (now of Klaus Kinski), Hector Outeiral (drms) (now L’Homme de Papier), and Chris McDonald. Rel a download album ‘Live in Bar Blu, Rhyl’ (31.7.06). Band stuttered when 3 of them moved to Manchester late06. Chris and Matt formed Cahiers de Cinema (Feb07), and they officially announced their split 14.2.08 (website)

Jacobi release EP

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called Jacobi (click pic)

Foals, Great Eskimo Hoax, Jacobi @ Firebug, Leicester

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Jacobi‘s (pic above) Dominic says, ‘This was unknowingly our last show before three of us moved to Manchester. Shit load of technical difficulties made it an utter disaster but worth it to see Foals before they got big, when they were essentially a young Talking Heads indulging on meth butties. Possibly the best performance of anything I’ve ever seen before, but also depressing to watch as it just made us feel inferior. Not exactly a high note to burn out on, but oh well.’

Party in The Park, Colwyn Bay

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Think this was the first Party in The Park (the second and last being the following year).
Dominic Tanner of Jacobi remembers, ‘We headlined the tiny tent that was next to the main stage/truck thing and apparently all you could hear over the headliner’s twee karaoke folk pop covers was sheer white noise coming from our direction. Chris managed to smash a guitar on grass; impressive.’

Carpet, Jacobi @ Imp, Colwyn Bay

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Dominic of Jacobi‘s only recollection of this gig was that ‘Carpet were phenomenal.’