ISOR release The Zebra Theory

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The long awaited and much anticipated second album from this incredible duo, yes duo. It’s been much argued and contemplated how much racket just two guys can make. Isor follow up their Casket Music debut “Post Mortem Peep Show”, which saw the band hit the road as Guests to USA cult heroes 5ive, as well as their own headline dates, with their best work yet. Less complexity, yet more depth, clinical and commercial in equal measures, Breaking new ground with an exciting fusion of musical textures blended with the intensity of math-core and of course the most memorable and hilarious track titles since Primus.

Assert, ISOR, Scarlet Bullet Lake @ The Talbot, Wrexham

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(reviewed by MWJ)

So after dropping a suspicious, nastier than Anthrax, package off in the letterbox at the BBC in Wrexham, hoping to dirty bomb the airwaves with Skinflick on a Sunday night I made my getaway to the Talbot. Once a sports bar where the main sport would be a good student kicking it’s now Wrexham’s answer to a hard rock café, full of memorabilia etc., but quite cramped, and expected to get ripped up fine style by some hardcore punk madness. A massive £1 to get in as well.