Focus Wales, Wrexham (Friday)

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Now it’s getting serious… It’s gonna get messy, I’ve got a one way ticket ’til Sunday and my drinking buddy with me… This is where I rely less on my notebook and more on my wits… Let the party begin…
There’s one thing missing from a ‘town festival’ and that’s mud… So, to live that real festival experience why not book onto a sodden camp-site and put your tent up in the pissin’ rain?

This is how we rock… This is how we roll…

ISLET release 12″EP

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Islet (from Cardiff) release a vinyl limited edition 6 track 12″ EP ‘Wimmy’ on Shape Recs (click pic).

Recorded by Islet in Wales at the old Musicbox, Daisy Street, Cardiff and at Connaught Road, Cardiff.

Also featuring Harriet Coleman (violin – Obtaining), H. Hawkline (guitar – Ringerz) and Tidal Barrage (keyboards and noise – Horses and Dogs)

ISLET release 12″ EP

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Cardiff’s Islet release 6 track 12″ EP Celebrate This Place on Shape Recs.
Recorded by Islet in Wales at Pontvane Farm, Radnorshire and at Connaught Road, Cardiff