Dirty Weekend @ Hendre Hall, Tal-y-Bont, Bangor

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 (review n pix by neil crud)

I’ve got cuts and bruises, my body’s aching, I never want to see alcohol again, my ears are ringing and my liver has packed up and gone to live in a distillery, What a great weekend..!

In previous years Dave Cox has flitted between the Dudley Arms and The Morville in Rhyl for the Dirty Weekend Festival, and where they have been decent venues, they haven’t been festival sites. Enter Hendre Hall, the perfect setting; no neighbours, a great live room, superb chill out courtyard and camping facilities. Enlisting the knowledge and organisational expertise of Dave Hollerhead, the two Dave’s (or Cox and Holly Ltd if you like) stuck their necks out to make this a professional and wholly enjoyable experience, and they booked the glorious weather to go with it.

Instant Agony – Show Some Respect

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INSTANT AGONY – Show Some Respect from Neil Crud on Myspace.

Filmed at this gig by Neil Crud

Instant Agony / Global Parasite / DLO – Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay

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A fucking Juice Bar…! A full on punk gig… In a fucking Juice Bar…! OK, there’s nothing new about this, Speaker’s Corner has been putting on shows for a good 12 months now. Formerly a shoe shop, now a fucking Juice Bar – with an ironing board as a bar. And full of punks, happy to accept the non-stop hip-hop from Colwyn Bay’s JuZ and Rich, under the guise of D.L.O. (Delectric Light Orchestra?) (pic below).

The Dirty Weekend @ The Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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Sick 56, Instant Agony, Erase Today, Barnyard Masterbator, The Smackrats, Swallow, Global Parasite

Not so much of an entire dirty weekend for me as a filthy Friday, but I tend to feel that way most times I visit Rhyl. Just unclean. Coming over on the train to enable copious refreshments found that the show times had had another last minute re-jig which left some spare time to go and enjoy some cordon bleurrgh cooking and renew wonder at folks actually coming on holiday here

Instant Agony, Drongos For Europe, Paul Carter, Sick Dastardlys @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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How do I review a what was essentially a wake? Tonight was a celebration of the life of Jonny Williams, a send off for someone taken from us so tragically last week.
I knew Jonny as the punk rocker who would happily be a girly mosher with the rest of us when The Dangerfields came to town, or The Cox, or Alien Matter or anyone; so long as they were punk.