Habits, Cry, I Fight Lions @ The North, Rhyl

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If only every gig night at The North was this busy. So busy you had to queue at the bar and wait your turn to get in the loo. If only people came out more often to support local live music, yeah sure, we all have busy lives, kids, jobs and soaps to watch… But if you made an effort to see at least one local gig a month (maybe even two) you’d help prevent today’s X-Factor finalists being tomorrow’s celebrity deaths.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 26 – with Hywel Pitts (I Fight Lions)

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Hywel Pitts fronts Llanberis indie-go-lucky band I Fight Lions, who released their eponymous debut LP in November 2013. He also pimps himself out as a singer-songwriter – and, as you’ll hear – a very good one. What a great session…
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 26
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Out of The Ashes Festival (Saturday) @ Ellesmere Port

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OOTAWhat I do love about festivals is good weather, good company, good music and the morning after the night before vibe. That come down… The first band on… Now I’ve seen some amazing come-down bands… Faithless (probably the best) and Dogsflesh immediately spring to mind, and stamped onto that list are now Blackburn’s Sky Valley Mistress.

Focus Wales 2014, Wrexham (Saturday)

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There’s blanks in my life… How did we get to the camp site last night? What time did we leave? What did we do after seeing Islet? What is my mother’s maiden name? When will I, will I be famous?
To help fill in the blanks on this cryptic crossword called post-alcohol life, Tim Griff and myself elected to take an hour’s contemplation with our livers and walk into town for a Greasy Spoon breakfast because – This is how we rock… This is how we roll…

New Album – I FIGHT LIONS – I Fight Lions

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I Fight Lion1

Ladies and Gentlemen, this ain’t your standard show…
I’m told this is an exclusive! The first review of the new… The début album from I Fight Lions; that indie band from that pabell-ramblers city of Llanberis, where every walk is a climb and every cloud has a leaky lining.