New EP – HORSES – Horses

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peski027-horses-coverIn order to not be mistaken for those smelly creatures that shit on roads, these equally awkward twats from south east Wales spell their name H O R S E S – but they’re forgiven for they’ve produced this lovely EP.
Yes, they’ll always be all alone on the dance floor while Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter stare at them with an electronic look of bemusement across their Moog’d faces, but you just know that listening / dancing to Horses that you’ll get something from nothing.
The wonderfully titled Kephyläu has images of a Tron-like equine beast trotting down a futuristic autobahn, while Spanish Pavilion is simply poetry in motion…

Available on CD or Download from those purveyors of fine taste Peski Records


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(review n pix neil crud)
‘They have an ear for a catchy tune.’ Smirked a sarcastic Alan Holmes. This was a compliment to Skinny Limbs as they dragged their entrails of sound across the floor, smashing each song against the wall then stamping on it. Their second of seven songs, Gabriel was more of a ballad by their standards, although still brutally built around that severely distorted bass guitar that screams for its true parentage as Whaling expert, Dave McCann fucks the living daylights out of it. When you take into account the Skinny Limbs line up of the said Dave (Whales), Ash Hammond (drums, ex-Capguns) and ex-Bastions’ Dan Jones on gitar [sic], you soon realise that these guys don’t do songs to 4/4 drum beats and your Mum is never gonna tolerate this kind of nonsense in her living room.