New Years Eve in Holyhead

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Holy Coves (DON’T) split

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Holyhead psychedelic-grunge band Holy Coves announced last night that they have split. It came after the second night of an 11 date tour in Burton-on-Trent.
Their facebook page said, ‘Would like to thank everyone who has supported us. It’s been a good ride but it’s over now. Our album will be available for free next month. We will post all the details up as soon as they are finalized. Thanks again people. R.I.P Holy Coves XXXX.’
The started in Spring 2009 when Scott Marsden and Jimmy Eggleston of The Lizzies were joined by Ash Garden and former Wendykurk guitarist Ben Lee. (website)

UPDATE (04.11.2011) – Holy Coves announce… ‘We haven’t split…’
Look forward to the reunion tour.. 😉
When I asked if it was simply a publicity stunt, Scott Marsden explains, ‘Not at all. We had been in some meetings with a couple of labels & management to talk about releasing our record. Ended up falling out with half of our management that wanted us to take this ridiculous deal. It was a total piss take and at the end of the day we didn’t think they where right for us so we didn’t take it. Caused a few arguments and we just felt really pissed off with it all.  We just changed our battle plan slightly and realized we are on a different page to some of the people that have been around us. It’s for the best. There was never any issue with band members. All is cool.’

Holy Coves – All Around You

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out today, single off the forthcoming album ‘Peruvian Mistake’ – click pic

Holy Coves – Droner EP

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Out now – click pic