NEW RELEASE – Hellfire Devilles – 4 On The Floor EP

From the catacombs below Spice City [Wrexham] lurk killerbilly three-piece the Hellfire Devilles. Down here they reanimate the monster tunes of the nineteen fuckdees and prepare for World War Z. They don’t need any weapons but their surfboard ammunition.

‘4 On The Floor’ is four tracks that’ll kill you faster than Chuck Norris as ex-Stuntface now Vice Squaddie, Wayne Firefly kicks you in the teeth with his brothel creepers and spanks your ass with his double bass.

Hellfire Devilles fire up their dragster and burn your eyes out and eat your soul and you’ll still want to rock and roll. You’ll be zombie quick steppin’ through the jitterbug necropolis like the Frankenstein corpse of Jerry Lee Lewis [who’s actually still alive and-a kickin’].

Cow and Nick complete the line-up and the three of them slut their way through four superb tracks, Horizontal Mambo, Surf n Maui, Frankenstein Grind and Cavader Stomp.

It’s a Jack Daniels pizza with extra liquor topping…