Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 @ Trutnov, Czech Republic

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Back once again for the renegade blasters, I re-joined the hard partying cream/scum from around world at our destination of choice, the festival of noisy fun that has got it right on so many levels. With the prospect of some exclusive sets and lots of new discoveries in the world of extreme metal and punk, plus the knowledge of the welcome of the friendship of the scene we dived into our four day portion of death (metal) and debauchery.

Subvert Festival 2013 @ Fleece and Firkin, Bristol

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black code subvert 2013

A cultural visit from the Dirty Weekend festival-twinning committee down to not so sunny Bristol for this weekend, with some similarities in line up and a not to be looked in the mouth ticket exchange deal between the promoters of the North Wales punk festival and its South West cousin, though with a distinct lack of the ska malarkey.  A fair trek though, initially the wheels were greased with Orangeboom 8.5% but then came off when the navigator went to sleep at the vital arrival point. Then after locating our hostel (“terrifying and deafening” as one review said, before we arrived I might add) I managed to get completely lost for another half hour trying to park the car, before ending up 50 yards from where I started.  Our walk to the south side of the river and the venue was also… indirect, but we got there eventually.   Start as you mean to go on, dazed and confused…