Dangerfields, Stuntface, Kneejerk @ Dudley Arms, Rhyl

(review n pix neil crud)

The 17 & 18 year old Japanese sisters both peeled their underwear off in front of me and seductively beckoned me to join them on the black silk sheets, oh shit, sorry… wrong review.

Steve Sync was all for a Wetherspoons onslaught and legging it over to catch Stuntface, still feeling giddy after my kitchen floor experience 3 weeks ago (see review) I favoured a more sedate evening of punk rock. We compromised & found common ground with a swift pint of cider at The Swan before heading for the Dudley to be molested on the way in by the bouncer, who obviously takes his job far too seriously. The Dudley has a reputation for being the roughest joint in town & yet its probably the only place where you’d be hard pressed to find weapons or drugs.