Hawkwind @ Albert Hall, Manchester

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There’s not many bands that have been going longer than me!  Earlier in the summer I celebrated Black Sabbath’s 50th at the heart warming Home of Metal exhibition in Brum, hot on their heels, well… maybe at the top speed of a mobility scooter Hawkwind are having their 50th anniversary via a tour culminating at the Albert Hall in London.  Johnny come lately Mark only first saw them 10 years ago but have enjoyed all their incarnations and tangential exploration sets I’ve caught since so thought this would be a celebration not to miss.

GIG REVIEW – Desertfest 2018 @ London, 4-6/5/18

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Various venues, Camden, London


A passing of the baton of one month of birthday celebrations for my wonderful partner via a ticket present to this to take over my own extended party season! Work commitments meant couldn’t get down for the start of this strangely sunny bank holiday weekend extravaganza of eclectic metal and rock from the doom/stoner/groovy experimental end of the sonic spectrum, but instead of a rush down in crazy traffic we got a leisurely train from Crewe enabling a rapid catch up of refreshments. 

GIG REVIEW – Hawkwind, Hipiersonik @ 53 Degrees, Preston

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(review n pix by mwj)

It was lying on a moonscape volcanic beach over Easter that I was temporarily transported via a satellite transmission to a conversation I’d had in space ship on another world, asking me to return to the source of the sound and light waves. Or, Paul texted me in Tenerife reminding we had talked while in El’s camper van at Hammerfest about going to see Hawkwind again, and as I fought through the collective haze of Oranjeboom and rhubarb wine there and 1euro a litre San Miguel here the scattered memories came back to me, and with them my original excitement and conviction to go. The main factor being this time they were airing in its entirety “Warrior at the Edge of Time” due to its imminent re-release and this being my favourite album of theirs. So I strapped on the jetpack and headed to the northern lights. Via passport control.


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I was sat in a ‘summer house’ – cum studio – cum boys playroom – cum shed in suburban Paris in September 1991. It was hot, but I was used to that having worked in the unforgiving Greek sunlight on the island of Kythera. I had left those climes a week earlier and it was quite a culture shock to be sat here amongst friends I had previously met on that said island a few months ago.

Hawkwind @ The Tivoli, Buckley

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(review, video n pix by neil crud, 2nd pic by jane)

Technicians of spaceship Hawkwind, this is your Captain speaking… Your Captain is dead… Please do not adjust your sets… Do not panic… DO NOT PANIC…!