GIG REVIEW – Dreadfest 2019 @ Temple Of Boom, Leeds

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rotten sound

What is there to Dread?  Last year I combined a day in Hammerfest in North Wales with a trip up to a couple of days of this festival of chronic sonic abuse, this year I dived in soft-shoe first for the full weekend in Leeds.  Leaving Hammerfest behind in some Brexit fashion (as now it in turn seems to be leaving North Wales behind next year too), not an isolationist stay at home but embracing connections to elsewhere.  While I have had some classic messy times and been grateful for great bands on our doorstep my refined/corrupted tastes are much more rewarded by all that is to offer over the Pennines.

Harrowed, Nothing Clean, Los Muchachos, Spam Javelin @ Cross Foxes, Prestatyn

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(pix elliot capper + steve.f)

“Beautiful place, not a lot happens” is how I often found myself describing my home to other travellers in the dark heart of Europe recently, but we locals do know that with a strong wellspring of local talent, plus the urge of others to stir some life into the cauldron with some more exotic ingredients, things do bubble up to the surface every now and again. And when they do it can all turn messy!