GIG REVIEW – Hammerfest (Friday) @ Haven, Pwllheli

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Only a day for me at this year’s annual local gathering of holiday camp based shenanigans, so I had to work really hard on condensing my drinking and socialising to a background of heavy music to a narrow window between midday and four in the morning.

REVIEW – Hammerfest V @ Haven Pwllheli

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(review n pix mwj)

Another salubrious holiday destination for us to enjoy/abuse as our local international metal festival shifts from its previous home in Pontin’s, Prestatyn further out to the wild west. Slightly more inconvenient for us never mind the rest of the travellers from around the country but we’re not looking the gift horses of the usual free tickets in the mouth so saddle up in El’s stagecoach motorhome and head for the hillbilly hills. To be fair the organisers really seem to have upped their game in terms of the acts booked too, some real name bands from the States and Europe, so bringing them to this little corner of North Wales is to be appreciated

Hammerfest IV – Prestatyn (Duncan’s Saturday)

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Words: Duncan Black / Pictures: Dan Alexander

Within the confines of chalet #264 at Pontins Holiday Camp for the criminally insane, something is stirring. A pungent fog of stale sweat, alcohol and nicotine fills the air. If you listen carefully you can just about hear the deafening snore of Mucus roadie Anthony Baxter.

Hammerfest IV, Prestatyn (MWJ’s weekend)

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(review n pix by mwj)

After being borne from the deaf from born from death on the Thursday I set sail for the Thor’s Day and the annual free ticket frenzy that is Hammerfest. This years event has a Viking theme, subtitled “Hammer of Thor” (Thor, IV, see what they did there?) so what better preparations than a couple of bottles of Skullsplitter ale and a donation/booking to the RNLI for when I predicted floating of the coast of Valhalla/Rhyl in the early hours in a flaming dinghy.

Hammerfest – Pontins, Prestatyn (Duncan’s Friday)

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Words: Duncan Black / Pictures: Dan Alexander