GIG REVIEW – Habits, Overload, Regicidal @ Maguires, Liverpool

By |March 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

Another night, another raid across the border to get our punk rock fix. As we were about to leave the news filtered through that our main draw, Grand Collapse had pulled out due to the adverse weather conditions down in their native South Wales (southern softies). This did not deter us from our mission, although it did initially dampen our spirits.

GIG REVIEW – Habits, Morffe, Maines @ Pie Records, Rhos-On-Sea

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What an exciting venture… Pie Records sits in the heart of the blue-rinse Tory heartland of Rhos-On-Sea. For how long the fascist Daily Mail readers will tolerate young people enjoying themselves watching beat combos on their patch remains to be seen. But while the sun shines, let’s make hay.

Habits, Cry, I Fight Lions @ The North, Rhyl

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If only every gig night at The North was this busy. So busy you had to queue at the bar and wait your turn to get in the loo. If only people came out more often to support local live music, yeah sure, we all have busy lives, kids, jobs and soaps to watch… But if you made an effort to see at least one local gig a month (maybe even two) you’d help prevent today’s X-Factor finalists being tomorrow’s celebrity deaths.