Green Man 2014 (view from the crew)

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(review n pix by Denise Baker-McClearn)

Have you ever visited a place and immediately felt as if something special is about to happen or somewhere that gives you an overwhelming feeling of peace and absolute contentment, as if you were ‘meant’ to be there? This is how I feel at the Green Man Festival.

Green Man Festival (Day 4)

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(review by dewi llwyd – pics by Gareth Smith)

Another Green Man morning (Sunday), and another early start to watch a Welsh language band playing the main stage. Happily the sun is over the yardarm this time so a shot of tequila is clearly justified under the circumstances.  

Green Man Festival (Day 2)

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(review by Dewi Llwyd, pics by Gareth Smith)
I always set out to festivals with the best of intentions – I WILL eat healthily, I won’t stay up late EVERY night, I WON’T spend all my  money and I WILL see this long list of bands I’ve written down- you know the sort of thing?