NEW SHOW – Neil Crud On TudnoFM #155 with Grant Sharkey in Session

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That was a good laugh – plenty of banter, lots of great music and a great session from Grant Sharkey.
Promoting his 14th album ‘Hobo Sapien’, Grant is once again on a UK tour (over 40 dates) and drops by for his sixth session for the show…

LISTEN AGAIN – Neil Crud On TudnoFM – Show #131

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A double header top of the table clash tonight with two contrasting yet excellent sessions from Manchester’s Sweet Deals On Surgery and Southampton’s Grant Sharkey.
Sweet Deals kick off a UK tour on Thursday to promote their new EP ‘The Wandle Years’ coming out on vinyl on Society Of Losers Records and if tonight’s session is anything to go by then you’re in for a right royal treat.
Now a regular on the show, Grant Sharkey plays his fourth session for us to promote his new album ‘Beasts’ and is about quarter of the way into his 30 date autumn tour. Be sure to catch him, dead or alive…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 131
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Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 84 – with Grant Sharkey in Session

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Grant Sharkey is on tour again and promoting his excellent 5th album ‘Trollbadour,‘ (rel 5th Nov). He kindly took the time to call at the TudnoFM studio to perform a live (and censored) session for the show… The results of which you can hear here (along with the entire two hour show).
Make sure you catch him on the road – here are the dates.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 84
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GIG REVIEW – Grant Sharkey @ TAPE, Old Colwyn

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Grant Sharkey TAPE
Grant Sharkey is an incredible human being. He must have woke up one morning and decided that if he couldn’t change the world for the better, then he would at least die trying. The sad fact is that only a despot dictator with an arsenal of nuclear weapons has the power to change the world for the better. Humankind would be wiped out and once the radioactivity died down, nature would again prevail and cats would grow thumbs and rule planet earth.

GIG REVIEW – Grant Sharkey, Ross Cardno, Tom Goodall @ The North, Rhyl

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Grant Sharkey has a song about the exponentially increasing world population… It’s basically about seven billion people who can’t stop fucking each other… The problem with seven billion people fucking each other is that some of the products end up being complete fuckers and in Rhyl on a Tuesday night… What a great source for more material…