Ex-Gorky plays in Telfords, Chester

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Richard James / Gareth Bonello @ Telford’s Warehouse, Chester –
(review by adam walton for bbc website)

CATATONIA / GORKY’S ZYGOTIC MYNCI – Llangollen Eisteddfod Field

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cerysNearly 15 years ago one person started something that would have a major effect on Welsh music, Welsh attitudes and the way English people perceive the Welsh.
That person set up Recordiau Anhrefn; first as a vinyl outlet for his own band, Yr Anhrefn, but more importantly to promote and release Welsh language music by bands who were not going to get any joy out of an archaic Welsh music industry and dismal Welsh media.
Rhys Mwyn, creator and mentor of Recordiau Anhrefn can lean back in his leather upholstered chair 15 years on and bask in the knowledge that it was he who sowed the seeds that made Cymru cool.

Triskedekaphilia – new comp LP from Ankst

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Triskedekaphilia is a collection of previously unreleased session tracks for Radio Cymru’s Heno Bydd Yr Adar Yn Canu between 1991 and 1995. The show, hosted by Nia Melville provided the first port of call for anyone interested in hearing the best in contemporary Welsh music. This collection features early appearances, rare tracks,cover versions and all sorts of strange sounds by your favourite Welsh language underground superstars!

Datblygu, Eirin Peryglus, Gorkys play Tivoli, Buckley

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Gorkys Set (not in order): Heywood Lane, Siwper Heb Crys, Dafad Yn Siarad, Mefus A Chadno, Barbed Wire, Peanut Dispenser, Mr Groovy

The band said, ‘Our biggest moment yet was a huge motherfucking disaster.’