Woodland Gathering V @ Fellfoot Wood, Newby Bridge, Cumbria

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Godflesh. In. A. Shed.  What a giddy sensation of disbelief and anticipation this remarkable prospect held for a fanboy like me.  Have seen one of my favourite bands in sweaty clubs and huge festivals but there was definitely going to be something special about their headlining this weird and wonderful congregation for the senses in the wilds on the edge of Windermere.  I’d only learnt of the event in recent years, and they also host a black metal themed one, and with the urge to encounter the new all the time, me and the missus and assorted other booze headed up after work on the Friday.

Bloodstock 2015 @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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If I thought my arrangements for last year’s visit to this, the peak of independent UK metal festivals, were a bit last minute and random, I upped my game in the chaos stakes this year. From not going at all, to having my other clashing commitments taken off my hands, to considering a day ticket on the Saturday, to running some stuck friends down on the Thursday and being gutted to come back from the gathering atmosphere of excited anticipation, to hearing on Friday that there were nefarious ways and means to get me in, to getting a bit carried away with solidarity drinking at home on the Friday meaning I was late to set off first thing the Saturday, to… Bloodstock.

Damnation Festival 2011 @ Leeds Uni

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(review n pix mwj)
Indoor aural fireworks again this year, maybe with a bit of smoke machine bonfire to go with it. Despite it being in my teenage pyromaniac years a favourite time the last couple I’ve missed entirely due to the coincidence with my greater burning desire, noisy banging music. And Damnation certainly supplies that, with my attendance guaranteed with the initial announcement ages ago containing two of my top bands in Godflesh and Doom. While the rest of the assembled prospective line up may not have lit things up as much to my tastes, past experience shows cracking levels of craic are always achieved here.

Archive – Supersonic Festival (Saturday) @ The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham

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(photo and house of doss courtesy of andy wallis)

So though I was committed to working with a community group at the Conwy Feast Festival this weekend when the half expected announcement (confirmed to me in person by Mr Broadrick at Nantes Airport ;) ) that Godflesh were added to the bill of this annual 3 day noise-fest in their old home town, something had to be done. This something consisted of working the Saturday morning, jumping on train down to Brum to get there for soon after 3 and meet up in the ‘flesh with another (online) community group andjoy the best of both worlds.

Godflesh play Wrexham

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Godflesh and Cable Regime play Wrexham Memorial Club