Focus Wales 2015 @ Wrexham (Wednesday)

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Cometh the day, cometh the hour… Focus Wales is once again upon us, and like last year, the opening night is condensed into one venue (with two stages).
The venue being Central Station and a strict thirty minutes per band policy ensures the live music is relentless, as the stages alternate and also ensures each band will pack only their best output. No mid-set lull, no pratting about… Your mother will be thankful; she’s just been Wham Bammed!

OUT TODAY – Gobow – Hector

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No need for a Parental Advisory sticker on this new single from Wrexham’s Gobow, a Public Health Warning would be more fitting. If Hector was an earthquake it would render Richter redundant. It is like a confused storm; Hector is warm, cold, sometimes beautiful and also absolutely ferocious.