Glic releases Anthems For A Generation of Hipster Jackanapes

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New album from Colwyn Bay’s Glic, which is a side project by Damir Bojanic of Klaus Kinski.

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Glic – Schwartzenegger Please!

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Glic from Colwyn Bay releases his (Zappa-esq) album Schwartzenegger Please!
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Debut album from the genre-bending gli?. Two years in the making. A lonely vision to break the concentration of mediocrity. Intense funk-phenomenonsense, presented with mathematicoloured basstones.
“I have no idea what kind of mind could dream this up. That’s what makes it so intriguing.” Adam Walton – BBC Radio Wales.

Great news! The track “1983!” was considered as part of Adam Walton’s Favourite Tracks of 2010;

“If you tried to count the bewildering tide of of ideas barely contained by this piece, you’d go insane. Thousand Yard Ear guaranteed!”

Glic releases mini-LP / maxi-EP

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Glic, a side project by Klaus Kinski guitarist Damir Bojanic releases a collection of early singles, b-sides and remixes prior to the release of Schwartzenegger Please!

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