Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 82 – with Gintis in Session

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I first saw Gintis play a shit gig as cocky 16 year olds at Bar Blu in Rhyl back in 2003. Despite the haphazard nature of the set there was a quality and warmth about them. Only three of the band remain from that original line up (Carl, Dave and Joe) and over the years not a lot has changed on the haphazard front, and yet the song writing maintains an extremely high standard.
Dennis is the new single (almost a comeback) on Popty Ping Records and once you’ve been hooked, you’ll be lined and sank by it’s beauty. And that is what Gintis have a knack of doing – producing songs that can make you grin from ear to ear and songs that can make you cry.
So while a hardcore punk gig raged inside Maguires in Liverpool, I recorded Carl Gintis in session in my car in the car park behind the venue… Listen to the session (and the whole show) below – you won’t be disappointed.


Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 82
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FESTIVAL REVIEW – Focus Wales, Wrexham – Friday

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Exit International @ central
The stature of Focus Wales grows every year, as does the stature of bands queuing up to play it and the queues of people wanting to see them. Spread across Wrexham in at least seventeen venues / stages / settings – it has something to offer for anyone looking for artistic enlightenment…. Or, in other words – getting smashed and having a great time. (pic Exit International by Brent Jones and below)

Gig Review – GINTIS, THE GOOD HOST, FUZZASAURUS @ Wild Horse Brewery, Llandudno

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Gintis brewery
A piss up in a brewery? What could possibly go wrong? Well, actually nothing.. Everything went right…
What a great concept.. Have an open day, sell home baked pizzas and lashings of your various ales… My favourite was the Palomino Pale Ale (5.4% as my head told me the following morning).

Focus Wales, Wrexham (Sunday)

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Modern Tribes1
It was a mini-Focus Wales Festival for me this year. Dark forces kept me unavailable until the Saturday, where I found myself playing at Rewind with my horrible band Spam Javelin – we had a ball… but playing a festival also limits your fun as you are at the mercy of the Gods potentially willing people to nick your stuff out of your vehicle. So it was a smash n grab; an in n out and shout Nazi Line Dancers Fuck Off as loud as you can before we headed home.

Focus Wales, Wrexham (Friday)

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Now it’s getting serious… It’s gonna get messy, I’ve got a one way ticket ’til Sunday and my drinking buddy with me… This is where I rely less on my notebook and more on my wits… Let the party begin…
There’s one thing missing from a ‘town festival’ and that’s mud… So, to live that real festival experience why not book onto a sodden camp-site and put your tent up in the pissin’ rain?

This is how we rock… This is how we roll…