GIG REVIEW – Gets Worse, Habits, Spam Javelin, Maines, Benefit State @ The Marine, Old Colwyn

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This is another one of those quarterly amazing punk rock bashes we have in the centre of the North Wales coast… Always for charity and always well attended… Tonight’s benefactors are Llandudno’s Tudno FM Radio Station…
[pics mainly by rich phillips]

Weekend Nachos, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Gets Worse, Goolagoon @ Middle East, Boston, Massachusetts

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So I set out on a Pilgrimage, Father, looking for New England (can’t be worse than the old one).  My ultimate metal Mecca of choice was to be Maryland Deathfest, but given the expense of getting over here I took the opportunity to go Amtraking across the universe and visit some more cities and friends in this North East corner before ending up there.

 I say friends, internet acquaintances really, but the love of God(flesh) unites and humbles us, and is a great testament to the social power of the internet.  Given this position of trust to “Let the wrong one in” to their homes they were also pleased I didn’t turn out to be a “raging asshole”, maybe just a mildly irritating one… 😉

Extreme Noise Terror in Newport and Birmingham

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Extreme Noise Terror, Black Skies Burn, Human Cull, Atomck @ Le Pub, Newport – 31/7/15

Extreme Noise Terror, Black Skies Burn, Gets Worse, Fetus Christ @ Asylum 2, Birmingham – 1/8/15

As me and Ell were reminiscing, we’ve always been about the road-trips for a bit of crust punk mayhem so what better way to spend a sultry summer weekend than in some seedy sweaty venues around the country. To be fair I was cajoled into it last minute but resistance is futile so after disposing of his mum and gaining a Ste in Stroud we paid into sunny South Wales and found Le Pub.

Day of Rapture Festival – The Library, Leeds

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Diascorium, Acral Necrosis, Pteroglyph, Vindicator, Rectal Implosion, Liber Necris, Gets Worse, Bong Cauldron, Elision, Tintagel, Termination
(review by mwj)

So, the next round(s) of my bank holiday expedition to Leeds, with an educational trip to The Library to learn of the upcoming nature of the local underground metal scene, as I only really knew of the headliners so far.