GIG REVIEW – Geraint Jarman, Yr Ods @ ‘Gwyl Arall’ Caernarfon Castle

 (review n pix gan rhys mwyn)
Yr Ods have written one of the best Welsh Language pop songs of all time ‘Cofio Chdi o’r Ysgol’. It’s tempting to look at Lynch and Pritchard as a modern day Welsh version of Lennon and McCartney. As I listened to the set, every song was a ‘tune’. These guys certainly understand how to write pop songs.
We are sitting in Caernarfon Castle on a sunny evening, everybody is in picnic and wine mode, it’s really quite pleasant and the tunes are Summer all over, feel-good, tingly, teenage, soundtracks for young kids to fall in love to for the first time or even better maybe for that first breakup – ‘Cofio chdi o’r ysgol’ could then be that Simon Bates ‘My Song’ or was it ‘My Tune’ you know the one I mean, it used to be on Radio One in the morning the big sob story and sob tune – brilliant !More